Everything you need to know about travel insurance before you book your next trip

Planning your International travel or a vacation at least 6-8 months in advance will save you on cost but it also comes with risk of travel disruptions with various reasons. It is smart to consider buying a travel insurance that will protect your pocket from monetary expenses due to unexpected situation before or during your travel plan.

In this new Insurance era where we protect our Home, Car, family health then why not a big budget trips such International Air Travel, Luxury Cruise, vacation packages. While travelers don’t consider purchasing travel insurance, Purchasing an Insurance will give you additional peace of mind, security & protection!

Purchasing Travel Insurance is easy and there are so many different coverages you can select. Travel insurance can vary, but policies generally provide coverage for Trip cancellation, change of plan , Trip delay , medical & non -medical emergencies and protection for your personal belongings.

Contact us to get quote on insuring your next trip as travel insurance will safeguard your overseas journey from travel-related inconveniences.

* conditions applied based on type of Insurance you buy

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