Company Overview

Welcome to Travel Bliss, where we believe in being more than just tourists – we strive to be travelers! Planning, packing, and making reservations can be overwhelming, especially when trying to coordinate with others. That’s where we come in. With over two decades of professional expertise, Travel Bliss ensures that your travel experience is nothing short of blissful.

In a world filled with the metaverse, we want to create a travelverse for you that is filled with happy memories. We pride ourselves on bringing a blend of Indian sentiments to your holiday experiences.

At Travel Bliss, we provide travel assistance for a variety of occasions including corporate travels, leisure trips, family holidays, backpacking or solo travel, first trips with your partner or baby, friend trips, and even community trips.

Our founder and managing partner, Ms. Nisha Bhatt Vyas, has a vision to make traveling blissful and peaceful for all.