Top Destinations for Destination Weddings this Summer

 Whether you are eloping with a new found love from or having the wedding of your dreams with your high school sweetheart, deciding where to have the ceremony is always difficult. Sometime the bride may want one spot and the groom another. Or geographically, it can be hard for both families and groups of friends to make it. In these situations, sometimes it is best to have a destination wedding. Although they may be a little more pricey for guests to attend, it’s usually worth it due to the beauty of the service and the saved headaches from fighting with your loved one.

Northeast U.S.

Bar Harbor, Maine

If you and the rest of your friends and family are mostly located in the Northeast United States, like the tri-state area, but you don’t want to have a city wedding, you should give Bar Harbor in Maine a look. It is a small town on the northernmost point of Maine’s coastline. The warmer months of summer are temperate and not too hot allowing for a devine climate. Also, the coastline allows for some truly one of a kind pictures and backdrops that will surely make people’s jaws drop!

Southeast U.S.

Sea Island, Georgia

For families primarily located in the southern states or eastern coast, Sea Island in Georgia is a great option. It is actually a privately owned unincorporated area of the county made up of several smaller isles. Here you can enjoy a warmer climate, fresh sea breezes, and very elegant venues. Not to mention the local cuisine is sure to wow every guest in attendance.

Pacific Coast

San Francisco, California

Iconic for sights like The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, and The Haight District, San Francisco is a great destination for bigger groups. They can turn the wedding into a full on vacation if they want. Also, the historic downtown and bay provide numerous options for pre-parties, receptions, etc. If you want the complete deal, San Francisco may be your best option.

Beach Destination

The Big Island, Hawaii

If you’re going to be calling people in from all around the world, what better place to get married than an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Not only it is a dream destination for most people, it’s also one they rarely get to see. Give them an excuse to finally go, and make the best beach wedding you could imagine. You can keep it casual with light linen or stay elegant with dresses and tuxedos, but the destination almost can’t be topped.

Fresh Mountain Air

Park City, Utah

Perhaps your family is spread far and wide and you just want a pretty place to get everyone together and celebrate the joining of two families. Especially in the peak of the summer, having your wedding in the mountains may provide the perfect get away! Just check rain pattern to avoid the heaviest of the season… and have an indoor plan B just in case!


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